1. Definitions
    1. The customer, you, your, the client, and the pupil refer to the customer of ELITE DRIVING ACADEMY (the person who has booked and paid for a training course or lessons).
    2. Us, we, our and the company refer to ELITE DRIVING ACADEMY.
  2. General & Instructor conduct
    1. Your driving instructor will be registered with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and licenced to give paid instruction.
    2. Your instructor will abide by the DVSA voluntary code of practice and behave in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
    3. Clients will be treated with respect and consideration and will not be discriminated against regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, disability (unless road safety is at risk), or any other factor. We do however reserve the right not to give instruction but this will not in any way contravene or be for any reason of discrimination.
    4. Your instructor will avoid physical contact with you at all times except in the course of a normal greeting or in a situation where the safety of you, or any other road user may be compromised.
    5. Once a training session is booked we will require at least 48 hours’ notice for weekly booked lessons or 2 weeks’ notice for intensive courses booked over 1-6 weeks (excluding weekends and bank holidays) to reschedule or cancel any training. The company reserve the right to charge for any training cancelled without the stated notice being given. 
    6. In the event of the client being unable to attend the training as a result of illness or injury we would ask that you give as much notice as possible. If you are unable to provide 2 weeks’ notice (excluding weekends and bank holidays) then we will require a medical certificate showing that you were unfit to drive. Only with this proof will we allow the training to be rescheduled at no extra cost to the client. Any fees charged by the doctor to provide such a certificate must be paid by the client.
    7. Each training session will commence from home. Unless otherwise stated in the course details (for example college, work pick up). Your trainer will agree a location for your training when you arrange each session.
    8. It is recommended that it may take around 47 hrs of practice to prepare for driving unaided and that this is only a guideline, you accept and understand that some people may develop the skills within less hours and some may require more. You accept and understand that no instructor can teach within only a set number of hours and that you are responsible for ensuring you allow the required number of hours necessary to fully prepare yourself so you can drive safely and under control; and that by the date of your driving test you can demonstrate this without the need of direct instruction. 
    9. We reserve the right to refuse the use of the company vehicle for a driving test, if you are not fit to drive or have not reached the required standard for a driving test as set out by the DVSA.
    10. All training which is provided will be provided on a ratio of one trainer per client unless client requests otherwise.
  3. Lesson fees & Refunds
    1. For weekly pay as you go students you will be required to pay for your lessons at time of booking, e.g. on your first lesson you will be required to pay for that lesson itself and the next week’s lesson you book, this is due to lesson prices being pre-paid prices and you are paying for the space you have reserved. The first booked lesson is excluded from this clause and can be paid on the lesson.
    2. Once a driving lesson has been booked and the dates have been allocated then 48 hrs notice is required to cancel and for intensive courses 2 weeks’ notice in writing must be received otherwise lesson charge is still applied. Any block booking payments made for intensive courses that are cancelled can claim a refund if not continuing for any reason so long as it is before the last date to cancel without charge. Any refund claimable with correct notice will be calculated based on total hours used times by normal lesson rate at the time and the balance from any discounted booking price paid will be refunded. Refunds will be paid out within 28 days from claim being received.
    3. Any monies paid direct to the instructor is between you and the instructor in question, any refunds requested will be your instructor’s responsibility to repay but still under terms stated above in 3.2. 
    4. The company hold no responsibility for refunding any monies paid direct to the instructor for lessons.
  4. Documents required for lessons and test
    1. It is the candidate’s responsibility to show their driving licence to the instructor on day one of the driving course and to check they have brought their driving licence to the test on test day.
    2. You must ensure that you have glasses or contact lens if you need them for driving, you must also be able to read a number plate from the required distance of 20 meters as laid out in the Highway Code.
    3. You are responsible for ensuring that you are not under the influence of drink or drugs for any driving lesson or test and that any medical conditions are made known to the instructor at the start of your driving course.
  5. Entitlement to drive and driving tests
    1. You must be entitled to drive and hold a valid UK provisional licence. In the event of a banned driver training for a retest you must be legally entitled to take professional tuition.
    2. You normally live/have lived in the UK for at least 185 days in the last 12 months.
    3. As a provisional licence holder, you are responsible for adhering any laws, such as speed limits, red lights, driving under influence of drink /drugs, your instructor will assist you with managing these to start with but this responsibility lies overall with you the driver of the vehicle at the time.
    4. Driving courses spread over 4-6 weeks. Your instructor will advise if you are ready for the driving test, if not they will advise that the test is postponed to a later date in order to take further instruction. If you fail to follow this advice the instructor may refuse the car on test date and the test fee will be lost.
    5. Driving courses spread over 1-3 weeks we will aim to prepare you in time for the test and if progress is not being achieved we will aim to provide as much notice to postpone the test as best we can, all lessons booked will continue as planned unless instructor chooses to adjust these which is at their discretion. In the case of one week courses we will not be able to give adequate notice to postpone, so if the candidate as not achieved a satisfactory standard to attempt the test then the instructor reserves the right to refuse the car for test on grounds of safety and the test fee will be lost.
    6. In the event of a mechanical failure on the day of test or instructor falling ill, we will try to arrange a different car or instructor. If this is not possible and you are unable to take the test then your instructor will arrange and pay for another test. This will be the limit to his/her liability.