Pass Plus Qualification

A 6 Hour Qualification which takes place over 6 hours. Here's our Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of your Pass Plus very much depends on your location. Generally, we offer the Pass Plus Qualification for between £180 and £198.

How Long Does It Take?

Your Pass Plus takes on average 6 hours, however, we do offer this in 2 blocks of 3 hours or you can take 6 hours straight up. If you’re not feeling confident after the 6 hours, we do offer additional hours for £25 per hour thereafter. This does depend on your location.

Am I Guaranteed To Pass?

The Pass Plus is not a formal assessment and therefore you are guaranteed to complete this aspect of your driver training

What Happens If I Can't Make One Of The Days

We require 48 hours notice prior to any cancellation, in line with our terms and conditions. We will do our best to re-arrange your Pass Plus as soon as possible

What Are The Benefits To My Insurance?

Your insurance company can ask if you have completed this additional qualification. Dependant on your insurance company, it can reduce your premium, but we do stress that all students check with their provider.

What Areas Do You Cover?

Our Pass Plus service covers the whole of Lancashire

Request A Call Back

We’ll give you a call to discuss the best driving course for you: